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Texas State Law requires that the board of trustees of each school district establish a local School Health Advisory Council (SHAC).  The purpose of the committee is to ensure that community values are reflected in teh health education curriculum and other school health issues.  Senate Bill 1357 expanded the duties of the council to include recommending strategies for integrating school health services, counseling and guidance services, a safe school environment, and school employee wellness into the school's health curriculum.

The SHAC can:

  • Provide input on improving the heath of students in the district,

  • Provide an opportunity for the district to meet requirements for community involvement and aid the district in meeting the district's goals,

  • Provide opportunites for the district and community to share resources to meet the health issues of the community.


The Plemons-Stinnett-Phillips CISD's School Health Advisory Council is comprised of parents of students enrolled in the district, community members, and district employees.  To obtain more information about the council or to request to be part of the committee, contact the council chairperson, Lori Williams, 878-2103 or Bill Wiggins, Superintendent of Schools at 878-2858.